How Child, Youth and Family assess whānau Māori

In the short video below Paora Moyle offers a Māori practitioner’s view on how the new CYF assessment framework, the Tuituia Framework, is used to assess whānau Maori.

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Kia ora Paora
I have seen this many times and it is a crime that this mother and children get treated this way-lets kick a person while they are at their lowest.The removal of the children in D/V context is a traumatic incident that no one will forget.Instead of saying you leave this man now or we will take your children , it should be “what can we do to help keep you safe and keep this family together “. Of course it’s not always straight forward,however if the intervention is family focused at an early stage, we would have a significant reduced rate of children in care.Its not rocket science,it’s far more important than that,if only they put in a fraction of the budget (into early intervention)that they do for keeping people in jail,it
could save us all from this trauma that affects all of society.Thank you Paora for your voice.

Kia ora Paora

I am looking into the tuituia framework for SW study purposes and appreciate your view on it and FGC’s. I came across some other information which explains what sits behind the assessment and am sitting here all fired up at my computer with no where but writing to place all of this energy so I decided to write to you. I need to get it out.

I have added a link below for others to see the background. What gets me the most is the “pre-populated” sections where workers use a drop down menu to select an answer leaving them with no choice other than to pick one that fits. The other is the way in which the questions are posed –
Are they able to articulate their goals and aspirations?
Do they have a healthy positive outlook?
Do they have an adult in their life in whom they trust, and who supports
their hopes and dreams?

Who are these closed questions aimed at??

Here is the link…

What you said about culture just being dropped in amongst everything else really struck a cord with me? Again thanks for your korero.

Kia ora Debs

It takes couarge to step up and comment on this stuff. I get so many ppl commenting privately about their view/experience of the systemand how it further maginalises families…if I had a penny for each (truly) I could make a decent living out of it. What peeves me is that commenators hold these assessments of our ppl as ‘culturally responsive’ and ’empowering’ and ‘accurate’ and they are about as much bicycles are for fish! AND without any evidence of it!!! Yet when a detailed critique of it is made (such as mine and so far the only one)…the stage is deathly silent! I am happy to chat, to skype or other with you about your research…kia kaha and contratulations for your brass balls! 🙂 Na Paora Moyle

that link is now broken, I too am a SW student researching Tuituia as an “assessment model” and there is very little cite-able literature. I agree with your korero Paora and I wish we were presented with it in class tbh.

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