Tolley- Social services shakeup could introduce privatisation


From Q&A this morning- Interview with Anne Tolley 

Corin  Dann ….could we see the likes of a company that runs a private prison, Serco, which in the UK is looking at child services, involved in an area like that?

Anne Tolley If they can deliver good results for people, why not? I mean, I’m very involved in the development of the Wiri contract. That’s a service-based contract. It’s not just running a facility; that’s delivering 10% better than the public service in rehabilitation. That’s going to make an enormous difference to the families of those prisoners. So if private enterprise can deliver those sorts of results, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them. But there will still be in communities the desire and the people who want to be involved at the NGO level, many in the volunteer sector, because we’re good people, and they want to contribute.

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this is very scary when you have comments like “you will still have people in the community who will want to be involved…. help!! It not just a case of wanting ,its a case of need and this is where the work is done-its the NGO sector that is IN the home doing the work-not ‘monitoring’ from their computer screens. Please this ignorance has to change, this lady clearly has no idea and needs to go!

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