New child protection laws a regressive move

In the NZ Herald today an oped article by Ian Hyslop

The Government’s proposed reforms to our child protection laws are regressive, myopic and likely to have unfortunate outcomes for children who have been ill-treated in stressed families.They have been narrowly conceived and signal a return to rescue-based fostercare. This, in my opinion, is a huge step backwards for child protection in New Zealand, particularly for Māori.

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At last, a punchy accurate summary of this utterly irresponsible change!

An “investment” approach which would reduce the need for negative interventions would:-
– properly resource the existing Act, and properly implement and fund recent review recommendations of CYF (especially those of the Children’s Commissioner);
– invest properly in “closing the gaps” for Maori through iwi, and properly promote Maori cultural and economic development;
– invest substantially in reducing poverty and the societal trends and conditions which lead to it;
– invest substantially in reducing inequity and excessive concentration of wealth in fewer ‘haves’.

How gross to have this so obviously pre-determined plot dominated by a commercially oriented economist.

Thank you – to you, and the many other thoughtful commentators in academic and practise settings – for calling attention to this bulldozed bullshit.

(Declaration: in the past I had the privilege of trialling FGCs and planning for children in care – including permanency planning where appropriate. I was a co-manager of the DSW CYP&FAct Implementation Team in 1988/89, and was able to contribute to the drafting and testing out with Iwi and with practitioners, and the setting up of the Youth Court and office of the Children’s Commissioner. The failure of governments and agencies to properly support and resource the act and its key processes – especially FGCs – has been dissappointing.)

Great to hear from you Ted – thanks for this concise and very accurate contribution. None of what you say is wrong and yes why on earth should we accept the re- write of history that this outfit has foisted upon us here. Well said man – and much appreciated.


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