Speaking out: A view of state care from an ex-State Ward

In the video below Paora Moyle offers a Māori practitioner’s view on state care in Aotearoa New Zealand with the added dimension of her own experience as a state care ward. This is a moving account of Paora’s experience of state care and how it has motivated her to embark on her PhD research journey. To find out more about Paora’s research you can participate in the ANZASW webinar on Thursday 14th May 2015 at 1.00pm: Māori-lived experiences of the care and protection FGC in Aotearoa.

6 replies on “Speaking out: A view of state care from an ex-State Ward”

Kia ora Paroa,

Just wanted to say that I found your story moving and motivating. I haven’t in any way shared your experience but I get a sense of your struggle and your courage from your words and emotions and those of many other stories I have heard. Yours is an important and imperative voice in the conversation. I look forward to reading that PhD when it’s done.

Tena rawa atu koe Paora

My thoughts are with you. The stance you have taken with regard to years without your whanau in your world is inspirational. I totally understand when you say you are now at peace as it has made you who you are today. I’m just so sorry that the cost has been so high, the journey so testing.

As you quite rightly point out there is a yawning gap in the majority of Aotearoa’s population in any understanding of a Maori world view around state care.

I wish you well as you continue your to make your mark

Tena ra korua i roto i nga mihi me te aroha nui, Su

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