‘Relationships Aotearoa’ to close

Relationships Aotearoa is likely to close its doors in 60 locations throughout the country by the end of the week, the agency says. The not-for-profit organisation failed to get an assurance of more funding from the Government this year and negotiations for a transition plan for clients have fallen through. Some 7000 people who get counselling will have to find help elsewhere, and of those, up to 900 will be referred back to the courts.

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Very disappointed to hear of this. As a former employee, the government have a lot to answer for. They have stopped, or significantly changed, the funding and contracts for Relationships Aotearoa to the point that it was near impossible to survive. An organisation such as this is not going to make a profit, they are often working with some of the most vulnerable people in the country. Their skills in family therapy and sexual abuse work will be greatly missed. What we will see is unskilled people put into positions that they should not be in and ultimately costing this government and the country a lot more than it does now. Such a shame we have such shortsighted ‘experts’ in power.

I find this deeply unsettling. It reminds me of what happened to diagnostic medlab.
This is no way to make major policy changes. The lack of background information and analysis is frigthening. Like a lot of things once destroyed it is very hard to recover it.

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